Charter Boats – Sydney Harbour

Impress Your Guests with Sydney Harbour Boat Charters for Your Next Corporate Function

When you have out of town business guests, your top priority is making sure they enjoy their visit and leave with a good impression of you and your company. The more they enjoy their stay, the better they’ll remember your business and your hospitality. Whether your guests are fellow executives from another branch or clients you want to wine and dine, it’s important to impress them. You can do just that with a little pre-visit planning.

Have a Plan

Few things are more awkward and disappointing than arriving in a new city and finding that your host has nothing planned and no idea what to do when you arrive. Avoid being that host by working out the details of the visit ahead of time. Consider details such as your meeting spot, transportation, hotel reservations, meeting times, meal plans, and maybe even a tour of the area. Sure, your guests could figure most of this out on their own, but you’ll make a far better impression by already having things well in hand.

Find the Best Dining

If you can, find out what your guests enjoy eating. Then find restaurants in the area that fit their tastes and give them a couple of options from which to choose. Or, just have a place picked out. Your guests will appreciate not having to choose from an overwhelming number of options in an unfamiliar city.

Comfortable Transportation

When your guests get off the plane, you have your first chance to make a great impression. Your guests are likely tired and don’t want to have to navigate traffic, so arranging comfortable, reliable transportation for them will give them a chance to relax on their way to the hotel, business meeting, or restaurant – wherever you’ve decided to meet. This kind of personalised service will impress your guests and help them feel welcome. It also keeps them from being late, a very real possibility when finding your way around a new city, renting a car, or whatever other hoops they might have to jump through upon arrival.

Special Events Such as Sydney Harbour Boat Charters

When you want your guests to feel really special, consider hosting a special event in their honour. There are many options, and Sydney Harbour charter boats are among the best. Show off the best of what Sydney has to offer on one of our charter boats on Sydney Harbour. Karisma Cruises offers a unique experience on a modern charter boat perfect for a range of corporate and leisure occasions. Combine pleasure with business when you choose one of our full-service cruises complete with food, drinks, music, and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you make your event a memorable one and make sure your guests leave with a great impression of you, your company, and Sydney. Show off the beautiful views from the top deck and treat your guests to a classy, intimate, and exclusive experience on board the Karisma. Our boat charters are also perfect for team building or other corporate events, so contact us today and see how we can help you plan the event of the year.