Why Choose Us?

There are various crucial elements that must be tailored to your occasion and flawlessly executed to ensure it is uniquely memorable for you and your guests.

With many boats and waterfront venues available on Sydney Harbour, you might wonder: why should you choose our vessels over the others?

Why Choose Us?

There are so many other important factors that need to be suited to your occasion and executed perfectly to ensure that it is uniquely memorable to you and your guests.

With many boats and waterfront venues on the harbour to choose from, it’s wise to ask, why should I choose our boats over the others?

We’ve Got Karisma!

Amidst a sea of choices for boats and waterfront venues on the stunning harbour, you might wonder: what sets our boats apart from the rest? We believe in crafting an occasion that’s not just an event, but a unique, unforgettable memory tailored exclusively for you and your guests. With a multitude of important factors at play, our commitment to perfection ensures every detail is flawlessly executed.


Who We Are

Karisma Cruises is a company driven by passionate people dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2011, Karisma Cruises began with the construction and launch of our first vessel in Thailand, which was soon brought to the waters of Sydney. Initially designed as a houseboat for private use on the Hawkesbury River, the vessel had a brief stop-over in Cockle Bay, Sydney Harbour.

It quickly became evident that Karisma was destined to shine on Sydney Harbour. Its modern design and stylish exterior garnered immediate and sustained public interest. Following numerous inquiries for private charters and much deliberation, Karisma transitioned to commercial use, securing a charter survey to operate on Sydney Harbour.

Since then, we had grown into a recognised charter operator, known for our exceptional service and well-appointed vessel.

Fast forward to December 2022, when we proudly introduced Karisma II, a larger, modern version of the newly appointed, Karisma I. Custom designed and built by the owners, this vessel was shipped to Sydney Harbour, embodying everything we learned from our years withKarisma I. We listened to our customers, understanding their desires and areas for improvement, and enhanced our already successful product. We kicked off 2023 with great enthusiasm, and both our existing and new customers were thrilled to see Karisma II gracing the harbour for larger groups.

Fast forward once more to November 2023, and we unveiled Liberty, our third and smallest vessel, perfect for families and small groups of friends or colleagues. With three vessels now operating in 2023, catering to groups ranging from 5 to 150 guests, we have the privilege of organizing and executing everything from relaxed charters to the most important celebrations in people’s lives, such as family outings, milestone birthdays, company Christmas parties, and weddings.

At our core, we remain passionate about what we do. Through our experience, we’ve come to believe there’s no place like Sydney Harbour to host truly remarkable events for any occasion.

This belief drives us to consistently deliver impeccable service from start to finish, supported by our fantastic team and trusted suppliers, like Fine Spun Catering, who have helped us serve incredible food to our customers for over a decade. We take pride in ensuring that every guest receives our full dedication, from the initial planning stages to the event itself and beyond.

There is no greater satisfaction than receiving feedback from our guests and knowing that we are making a positive impact in a vibrant and exciting industry.

What We Offer

Experience personalized service, exceptional hospitality, and a modern vessel that strikes the perfect balance between class and fun.

Our mission is to ensure a seamless journey from your initial inquiry to the conclusion of your event. We begin by offering you the ideal venue, elevating the traditional waterfront view with 360-degree vistas of Sydney Harbour, all while maintaining the utmost in comfort and versatility.

Our highly personalized service helps you manage every detail. We provide a range of options, with our event coordinators ready to offer recommendations and advice tailored to your specific event, ensuring you aren’t overwhelmed by the planning process. The result is an event perfectly tailored to your needs.

On the day of your event, our dedicated crew will be there to welcome your guests and ensure everyone enjoys the experience to the fullest. Our hospitality team delivers the highest standard of service, combining friendliness and attentiveness to create a memorable occasion.

How We Do It

It’s no secret that we rely on a team of exceptional individuals, each with industry experience, creative minds, and the skills to deliver an unparalleled experience.

As a well-recognized charter operator, Karisma Cruises owes its success to the amazing team behind every event. Our team is our most valuable resource, driving us forward and enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

When you interact with our team members, you’ll find them knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to your event requirements.

Staying current with the latest trends and adopting a creative approach to everyday operations sets us apart, allowing us to fulfil our mission of providing an excellent experience from start to finish.

Our recruitment and training processes align with Karisma Cruises’ commitment to innovation and service excellence. Continuous improvement is a daily goal, and we ensure all employees receive the encouragement and guidance needed to be their best.

Every team member contributes uniquely to making our company and your event exceptional. This journey began with our founders, who envisioned a company dedicated to client satisfaction and continuous innovation as core values. They designed and built Karisma I and Karisma II, ensuring it operates at the highest standard to provide memorable experiences for our clients.

Our event coordinators are often the first point of contact for clients, ensuring that event planning is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Our marine crew ensures a smooth and safe cruise, while our hospitality team attends to your guests’ needs. Your cruise director will be on board to ensure everything goes exactly as planned.

Each team member, with their specialised skills, works to ensure you enjoy the finest experience on Sydney Harbour.


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